What Does Oasis Church Have To Offer

Oasis Church was started with the idea of helping all kinds of people have better, richer lives – particularly those who haven’t previously connected well with “church people”. We think it is possible to have a community of faith that actually loves everyone. We aren’t interested in condemnation or judgment. We just want to love people where they are and let God do the rest. We were created to live rich, potent lives. This just isn’t possible without a meaningful connection to God and authentic relationships in a loving community. So, with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, we direct all of our efforts towards helping people navigate their way into that meaningful connection. Our desire is to be a church centered around Jesus.

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Oasis Church Houston

I'm New...What Do I Need To Do?


Come To The Service

Come Join Us Sunday Morning! Directions Here

Stay For The Luncheon

Hang out with us after the service and enjoy some Lunch, on us!

Check Out A Life-group

Place where small groups of people meet to get to know one another. Relational driven to meet others like you.

Get Connected Growth Track.

Come to a growth track meeting!